Discover how people feel about you

We extract public opinions and attitudes, listening to media conversations

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Recommend better content

We analyze your existing content to group relevant articles or documents together

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Learn the ins and outs of your data

We find mentions of people, places, companies, facts - any entity of interest

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Organize your data in the blink of an eye

We categorize content by topic, industry, country and update taxonomies

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Text mining solutions built for you

Yes, we care. We aim to meet your needs, whatever they are. Combining best-of-breed text mining technologies with human expertise enables us to know the correct answers and solutions to essential challenges. Instead of gathering and processing data you can focus all your energy on analysis and insight.

Unmatchable quality

We can outperform anyone in the industry by reaching 90%-99% high precision and quality of results, achievable usually through manual work.

Optimal approach

It’s the pairing of humans and machines that yields the best results. We use knowledgeable analysts to train the technology with your own data sets.

Advanced flexibility

Identrics flexible integration framework for data processing and semantic analysis allows us to design and combine together diverse technologies.

Our Most Popular Solutions

Entity Extraction

Content categorization

Automated recommendations

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